Regardless of the type or age of your vehicle, there are likely steps that you can take today to improve its fuel efficiency. Reducing fuel usage starts the moment that you get behind the wheel. Most vehicles only require a few seconds to warm up even in cold weather, so always wait to crank up until you’re ready to hit the road.

Driving defensively, carrying only necessary cargo, paying attention to the speed limit, and employing cruise control on the open highway are additional strategies that you should practice on a regular basis to conserve fuel while traveling around Plano, TX and beyond.

Keep Mercedes-Benz of Plano in mind for any and all services related to your car, truck, or van. Our knowledgeable personnel will gladly help you find more ways to get the most from every gallon of gas, and we can perform a tune-up with the specific goal of boosting your fuel mileage ratings.

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