If you drive your car long enough, you will eventually have to drive it when the roads are wet. Anytime the roads are wet, you have at least a slight risk of hydroplaning in your vehicle. Therefore, it's important to remember these anti-hydroplaning tips from Mercedes-Benz of Plano to help keep your vehicle on the road.

One very important tip is to replace your tires when they become worn. The tread on your tires is responsible for removing moisture from the road in Plano, TX so that your tires can contact the asphalt directly. If this tread is significantly worn, it can't perform its job, putting you at a high risk of hydroplaning. Another thing to remember is to turn off cruise control when you're driving on wet roads, as the vehicle could continue to accelerate once it begins skidding, leading to a total loss of control.

For more tips and to have your vehicle maintained for the road ahead, visit us at our service center today.

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