We care that you know how to care for your car. Car wax is a solution that you can rub onto your vehicle when it's clean to protect your paint job from water and dirt. You can apply wax simply with a microfiber towel or even use an electric buffer pad to apply it more evenly.

What Is In Wax?

Wax products vary and can be made from products like silicone, palm oil, the carnauba plant or even coal. You don't have to buy the most expensive wax in the store to get a good result; what's important is making sure you apply it when the time is right.

When to Wax

?When you notice that your vehicle's paint job is starting to lose its shine is when it's time to give the car a good wash and apply a new coat of wax. At Mercedes-Benz of Plano we offer full detail services so you can always keep your car looking brand new.


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