If you’re lucky enough, you’ll never have to experience having a flat tire on the road, but it’s still important to know how to replace a flat tire just in case. As complicated as it might seem, changing a flat tire is simpler than you’d imagine. Our team at Mercedes-Benz of Plano wants you to be an informed driver aware of the importance of simple maintenance, so stop and see us for your tire needs and steps on replacing a flat tire.

  • Once you safely park your vehicle on the side of the road, make sure it’s shut off with the emergency brake. Loosen the lug nuts from the tires, and jack up the car using the jack from your trunk.
  • Remove lug nuts, replace the flat tire with a spare tire, tighten lug nuts slightly, bring car back down and tighten lug nuts.

Even if you’re replaced your flat tire, it still may need balancing, rotation or some other sort of maintenance. Stop at our dealership in Plano and allow us to work on your vehicle.


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