Have you ever been stranded on the road with a flat tire? If not, we at Mercedes-Benz of Plano want you to know what to do in that situation. Your owner's manual gives directions on replacing tires, but you can get more assistance from our staff here! We want to make sure this circumstance does not leave you feeling helpless. Replacing a flat tire is easier than you think. Here are the steps.
• Pull vehicle to side of road
• Engage parking brake
• Loosen the lug nuts a little
• Remove tire-changing tools from trunk
• Jack up car
• Remove flat tire
• Put on spare tire
• Tighten lug nuts slightly
• Bring car back down to the ground
• Finish tightening lug nuts

After you've driven for a few miles, have someone check the lug nuts to make sure they're tight. Sop at our shop in Plano, allow us to inspect your tire and provide any automotive service you might need.



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