The Legacy of Virgil Abloh Captured in Project MAYBACH

December 17th, 2021 by

Mercedes-Benz and the design world mourn the loss of Virgil Abloh. His remarkable vision was shared by many, including those of us in the Metroplex, as he took the future and made it into a level of couture in everything he created.

Many of us did not know that Abloh collaborated with Mercedes-Benz with a concept that combined the ultimate in luxury with the idea that it can go anywhere you can take it.

Abloh’s Project MAYBACH was that vision.

His Mercedes-Maybach show car exemplifies the possibilities of future design and is the result of an on-going cooperation with the polymath artist, architect, creative director, fashion designer and philanthropist; driven by a shared passion to enrich the conversation around luxury design.

The entire concept was built from scratch. Abloh interpreted Mercedes-Maybach’s luxury identity with a new design language and pushed the boundaries of function, style, and collaborative creativity. Inspired by the great outdoors and recontextualizing a traditionally metropolitan brand within a distinctly off-road environment, the 2-seater, battery-electric off-road coupe combines huge Gran Turismo proportions, large off-road wheels and distinctive attachments.

The design answers questions that were never considered when it came to a Maybach. Could it be self-sustaining? With transparent solar panels on the front hood, it would yield a longer range of travel on electric power.

With the imagination spurring on conversations about the future of luxury transportation, Abloh also created superlatives with this concept. It measures at about 20 feet long, which is longer than any vehicle sold by Mercedes-Maybach. It is crafted as an Outdoor Adventure vehicle, which is usually the realm of the G-Class. It challenges the eye, which is part of the legacy of Mercedes-Benz over the past century-plus.

A designer’s eye can challenge us in the way we think about the automobile and the world where it should live in. That is the beauty of Mercedes-Benz. You might see Abloh’s vision in our current lineup, but you can experience what the future does offer you today.

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