Having issues with your brakes? We've got a few sure-fire ways to figure out if something is amiss with your braking system.

First, you'll want to take note of any sounds you may hear upon applying the brakes. Screeching, squealing or metal on metal grinding noises are strong indicators that you need to take your automobile to the shop. Sounds like this generally mean that your brakes are severely worn, and putting it off might prove detrimental.

Second, you'll want to pay attention to any odd smells. If you think you smell something burning, especially after you've stomped on your brakes, pull over. This is usually a sign that your brakes are overheating, and you'll want to give them time to cool before you continue on your way.

Next, pay attention to how your brakes feel when you apply them. Does the brake feel firm? Great. Does it feel soft? Not so great. Get your brakes checked out by one of our certified mechanics, as soon as possible.

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