Accessories Bring Joy to Mercedes Lovers

October 5th, 2022 by

Mercedes Benz Accessories

Mercedes-Benz stands for outstanding performance, style and reliability like hardly any other car brand. So it’s no wonder that there’s a huge fan base around the world who want to enjoy the Mercedes-Benz experience to the fullest. That’s why Mercedes-Benz accessories are so sought after. We’ve listed five of them here.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The newest versions of MBUX, with their enormous twin displays for the dashboard and infotainment, are remarkable to look at. But you’re not the only one looking to protect all the premium glass in your Mercedes-Benz. If you want to protect your huge displays from scratches and minor blows, this glass protector can definitely help.

Its 9H hardness grade implies that it is highly resistant to unwanted damage from your fingers, dirt, rings, boots, and other mishaps in your car. Since it is a super-thin protector, it won’t interfere with touch control, and it comes in two simple pieces that cover the entire screen.

Retro AC Vent Caps

We understand that not everyone appreciates the look, but one of the most fashionable accessories is to spice up your Mercedes-Benz with some retro front air vents. The round vent caps come in a pack of five and include crystals and a shiny zinc alloy.

The package fits the interior and exterior bezels, the directions, and the opening knob in the middle. It sticks firmly using glue that can be easily removed afterwards. It’s a quick and easy makeover from the matte plastic that came with your car when it was new.

Mercedes Benz Floor Mats

Customized Floor Mat

Using this bespoke cover, you can stylishly preserve the trunk or cargo space of your Mercedes-Benz. It comes in two sizes: “flat,” which covers only the floor, and “full coverage,” which protects the plastic and carpeting on both sides, the seatbacks, and the floor that can fit the interior vibe perfectly.

The covers are made of synthetic leather, intended to offer longevity and a waterproof quality to your trunk. The mat stays in place thanks to anti-skid protection on the bottom, while padding protects your valuable items from harm on rough roads. You no longer need to be concerned about mud, sand or carrying dirt.

Illuminated Front Grille Star

Mercedes Benz Illuminated Star

Mercedes-Benz unveiled a light-up star for the grille of some cars in 2013. This lighted star logo is the right element to spice up the look of your vehicle, as it uses an LED light to illuminate a logo via the car’s key fob and automatic light setting.

Mercedes Benz Logo Light

You can certainly stand out by creating a unique nighttime look with something so affordable. All you need is a simple two-wire connection under the hood to light up the grille of your Mercedes-Benz.

Carbon Fiber Stem Caps

Last but not least, there are the popular carbon fiber stem caps. Sometimes something this small and simple can complement the style you already have. Plus, they’re super affordable and make great accessories to revamp your Mercedes-Benz.

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